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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a copy of my MRI online?

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When will I be able to eat?

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Patients are able to eat after all their tests are completed and the physician has evaluated the results. On average, it is within three to four hours.

How can I best avoid falling?

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This is another safety precaution. Your nurses ask you about using the bathroom as a way of preventing falls. If a nurse is present, he or she can assist you in getting to and from the bathroom.

When will I see a physician?

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All patients are first triaged by an ER nurse. Then patients are evaluated by a physician. Patients who have a higher acuity of illness may be treated before those patients with less severe conditions.

Will medical aid pay for the treatment?

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Most medical aids pay for acute rehabilitation to facilitate return to function and reduce complications. Life Rehabilitation offers a global fee tariff.

What happens if I am admitted?

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Upon admission to the hospital, you will remain in the Emergency Department until your inpatient room is ready. Your admitting physician will visit you during their designated "patient rounds."

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